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DynaRock. Acme Effects has built on the success of the award winning Dyna 100 with the launch of the Dyna 250 Series. Four different models of these compact high-performance scanners will take your light show to a whole new level, whether you’re a DJ who uses DMX or not. All models feature lightweight design along with pre-programs and sound active control modes.

Gobo flower


Acme has reinvented the classic Gobo flower effect by powering it with a mega bright, long-lasting 10W LED.

Featuring a superior glass optical system, the new LED Exercet produces showers of moving gobos that can be projected on walls and dance floors. Their rich, saturated colours far outshine those of conventional gobo flowers and they will never fade.

LED Spot box


LED Spot box Soundlab Professional 2 x 4 Way LED Light Box With Multi Pattern Control A revolutionary LED clip-together light box. The product features 2 x 4 segments of ultra bright coloured LED, multi pattern control, speed control. The unit is carpet covered with plastic corners and a carry handle.



Mirror Ball Kit



30cm Mirror Ball, Mirror Ball Motor & Pin Spot.

UV Hire

UV Panel



The Stratos UV Panel is aimed toward entertainment venues that want the blacklight U.V. look. Featuring 336 powerful ultraviolet LED’s that will make objects “glow in the dark”. Included in the functions are 0-100% dimming and sound active modes making the Stratos U.V. is ideal for nightclubs, mobile discos or themed events.


400w Uv Cannon





Pearl River Pilot 250 Wash


DMX-512: 13 channels plus 2 for high res pan and tilt X/Y motor speed adjustable

On/off control via DMX9 dichroic colours plus white and variable speed rainbow effect

2 colour temperature correction filters 1 x 3 facet variable speed, bi-directionally rotating prism

DMX controlled focus 2 blade shutter for dimming, blackout and strobe 1 – 9.3 F.P.S.

Pan 540°; tilt 265° w/auto position correction(encoders) Beam angles: 15.6°, 17°, 19.5°

Adjustable fan speed 12 stepper motors Metal and composite plastic (IP20) housing

Colour Temperature: 6700°K Socket: GY9.5 (Single end)


Pearl River Pilot 575



LAMP: PHILIPS MSR MSR 575/2 discharge lamp

Colour Temperature: 7200ºK Socket: GX9.5, single end

COLOURS: 2 Colour wheels – 6 Dichroic colours plus white on each wheel

With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect on each wheel COLOUR TEMPERATURE CORRECTION:

1 colour temperature correction filter GOBOS: Rotating gobo wheel

5 interchangeable gobos + white, indexable, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds. Fixed gobo wheel

7 interchangeable gobos + white, the fixed gobo wheel can scroll in either direction at variable speeds.

Both glass gobos and metal gobos may be fitted to either wheel. Gobo outer diameter: 36.3mm Gobo image diameter: 31.5mm

PRISM WHEEL: 1 x 3 facet, 1 x 5 facet prisms, bi-directional rotation at variable speeds. Also on wheel, 1 x CTO filter and 1 x frost

FOCUS: DMX controlled focus EFFECT WHEEL: 1 x wide angle lens, 1 x narrow angle lens, 1 x ultraviolet filter and 1 x bicolour filter SHUTTER:

Double shutter blades, 0-100% linearly adjustable STROBE: 0.3 – 6 F.P.S. HEAD MOVEMENT: Pan 540º, Tilt 270º BEAM ANGLES: 12º, 19º, 22º

CONTROL: DMX512, 17 channels plus 2 channels for high resolution Pan and Tilt

OTHER FUNCTIONS: Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed, Projector usage time display, lamp time display. HOUSING: Metal and composite plastic (IP20)


Martin Wizard Extreme


The magical mid-air performer

The ultimate in club effect lighting just got better!No other luminaire in the industry can match the magic of the Martin Wizard and now with the Wizard Extreme, stunningly brilliant reflection and wild gobo patterns have been added to push out every ounce of power!

Brilliant reflection from parabolic mirrors, 20% Brighter than the original Wizard

Over 80 color gobo beams , DMX controlled, Colour wheel with 7 colors plus open

Gobo wheel with 14 stunning patterns (3 with dichroic reflectors), Shutter for fast strobing., High-output, 3000-hour, 250-watt discharge lamp

Improved focus control for greater optical effects, Multi-coupler option for centre-piece action, Effortless external lamp adjustment



Martin Atomic 3000w DMX Strobe


The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful, high-impact strobe with 3000 watts of unlimited energy. Like nature’s most powerful energy source, the Atomic 3000 DMX is an ultra-bright, high-impact strobe that supplies an explosive pulse of energy to clubs, tours and mobile DJ’s of any size.

3000 W strobe, 5600 K colour temperature

Continuous blinder effect with auto fade, Smart integrated heat control eliminates cool down time,Variable flash duration, intensity & rate

Preprogrammed special effects, Fan Cooling, Auto-ranging power supply (90-260 V, 50/60 Hz), Long-life Xenon lamp included, DMX or stand-alone mode


1500w DMX Strobe


Lamp: 1500w strobe type.

Control signal: 2 channel DMX for intensity and speed control.

Strobe: 0-15 flashes per second.

Power: AC240V – 50Hz.

Shipping dimensions: 630 x 350 x 290mm.

Net weight: 6kgs. Gross weight: 7kgs.The pro strobe can be operated from a standard DMX controller, 0 – 10v controller or run in stand alone mode with no external controller.


LED Par 56


The LED PAR 56 Short is a PAR 56 with RGB colour mixing. Due to the use of LED`s, the lifetime is extremely long and the power consumption is very low. The Showtec LED PAR 56 contains 153 LEDs. 51 red, 51 green, 51 blue. It ca be controlled by 6 DMX channels RGB and preprogrammed chases and colours. Automatically by its built in processor or music-controlled by its internal microphone. Dimensions: 220 x 210 x 220 mm, Weight: 1,4 kg


Led Crowd/Stage Bars


  • DMX 26 Channels per bar – Stand-alone modes
  • Built in programs and internal effects
  • Sound activated
  • Linkable
  • LCD menu display
  • 440 x 10mm LED’s
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Dimensions 1320 x 160 x 120mm Ideal for Stage use, wall up-lighters, colour washing.


LED Dance Floor


The LED Dance Floors are currently sweeping the globe as a top quality entertainment solution.

They offer a variety of patterns and effects that will liven up any venue or corporate event. The low power consumption provides an efficient led lighting package.

Each panel is 1m x 1m, up to 16 panels.

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4ft – 7ft -10ft Flame Effects


This large flame effect gives a magnificent effect where a large flame is necessary. The silk creates a real looking flame which is cool to the touch and completely safe. Complete with lamps and silk.


Led TRI Matix Cloth



You can now bring that big screen LED effect to any venue or road show for an unbelievable low cost compared to LED wall systems – Just unpack the road bag, hang the cloth and connect the controller. The controller features hundreds of colour changing effects and animations which will add a new dimension to any show.

DMX LED Star Cloth (3m x 2m) – (6m x 3m) – (8m x 4m)


DMX LED starcloth


MBI 400 Outdoor Colour Flood – Architectural Lighting


400w – Fitted with 16amp Connection

Available in different colours, Green, Blue & Pink most popular.

Colours Available – Orange, Green, Blue, White


Photo above 4 x 400w MBI Blue.